Street Names

Information on this page comes from Irvine-Smith's Streets of My City and other sources including the Evening Post of 2 April 1910. Many of the streets on the hill towards Roseneath were named by Harry Shepherd, secretary of the Hataitai Land Company. I've included some Kilbirnie Streets too. Please email me with any queries or information.

Arcus Way
The Waipapa Stream used to flow down the area that is now Arcus Way. Probably named after John Laurence Arcus, first secretary of the Hataitai Bowling Club.
Baden Rd
Constructed at the time of the Boer War by Frederick Beetham. He originally called it Baden Rhode, a pun commemorating Baden-Powell and Rhode, but after 1910 it changed to Baden Road.
Belvedere Rd
Possibly named after the village of Belvedere whcih lies across the Gulf of Trieste from the castle of Miramar. Previously known locally as Browne's Rd after Charles Townley Browne who built the first house there.
Bourke St (Kilbirnie)
Named after James Bourke.
Busaco Rd
Named for the Battle of Busaco in 1810 when Wellington beat Massena at the Sierra Busaco in Portugal.
Charles St
The top portion of Moxham Ave past the intersection with Kupe St, named after J Charles Crawford.
Drake St
Formerly James St, renamed in 1911.
Goa St
Irvine-Smith suggests that Goa is a mis-spelling of 'Coa', a small river that was the scene of fighting prior to the Battle of Busaco. I wonder if it could have been named by James Grover, an early resident of Moxham Ave, who fought in the Indian Mutiny.
Hamilton Rd
One of the oldest streets in Hataitai. Named by Crawford for his relative General Hamilton who fought at the Battle of Busaco (qv).
Huia Rd
Named by Harry Shepherd after his daughter.
James St
There used to be two James Sts: one that came off Hamilton Rd and is now known as Drake St, and another off Crawford Rd that is now part of Samoa St.
Kupe St
Formed where the trams passed between Hamilton Road and Moxham Ave, to cope with traffic expected for the Centennial Exhibition in 1939. (Another Kupe St previously existed in Seatoun).
Moxham Ave
Supposed to be named after William Moxham. He had property in Kelburn but there is no evidence that he had any interests in the Hataitai/Kilbirnie area.
Nelson St
see Tapiri St
Overtoun Tce
After Overtoun in Scotland, family holding of the Crawford family. Known as Victoria Road up to 1910.
Poro St (Kilbirnie)
Former name of Samoa St.
Raupo St
formerly Smith St
Ruahine St
The section from Goa St to the north was formed in January 1920 with access from Goa St, but the street was not fully developed and extended until after the Mt Victoria tunnel opened in 1931. (EP 19 Jan 1920)
Smith St
see Raupo St
Tapiri St
Known as Nelson St up to 1910.
Travers St
Shown on maps ca 1880, a U-shaped section of road at the top of Wellington Road leading to Constable St. Probably named after WTL Travers, a solicitor who owned land locally.
Victoria Rd
= Matai Rd? In 1887 lot 28 of the Evans Bay District was bordered by Hamilton, Overton and Victoria Rds.
Waipapa Rd
was near the headwaters of the Waipapa Stream
Walmer St
Refers to Walmer Castle where the Duke of Wellington died. This area was formerly the site of Bourke's wool scouring pond, the end of the Waipapa Stream.
Wellington Rd
So-named because it was the main access over the hill to Wellington, at the time when Kilbirnie was not considered part of the city
Zohrab St
named after local landowner and businessman Constantine Zohrab.

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