Residents of Hataitai in 1905

These names are taken from Stone's Directory published in 1905. Additional names marked with * appear as parents or guardians of pupils in the 1905 admissions register for Kilbirnie School. Some streets have changed their names: Charles St is the top part of Moxham Ave beyond Kupe St, Nelson St is now Tapiri St, Smith St is now Raupo St, James Street became Drake Steet after 1911, and Waitora Rd is presumably Waitoa Rd.

Name and Occupation where given 1905 Address
Adams,-, labourer Moxham Ave
Alexander, Robt W, clerk Moxham Ave
Alexander, Robt, jnyman bootmaker Moxham Ave
Alexander, Thos, bricklayer William St
Alexander, Walter John, clerk Waitora Rd
Allen, Ira, jnyman plumber Baden Rhode
Anslow, Henry, jnyman bootmaker William St
Anstey, Fredk, butcher Moxham Ave
Bailey, Chas, carter James St
Bailey, Mrs Jane Maria James St
Barnett, Frank Walter, clerk Wellington Rd
Barnett, Walter Henry, clerk Wellington Rd
Beagley, Fredk, bldg contrctor Evan's Bay Rd
Beckett, Chas Herbert, labr Moxham Ave
Bell, William John, drpr's assnt Evan's Bay Rd
Bennett, Chas Evans, actnt Hamilton Rd
Bevan, Edgar Vernon, clerk Evan's Bay Rd
*Beyer, W James St
Bezar, T, estate agent Moxham Ave
Birnie, Wm Rankin, coml trvllr Hamilton Rd
Bourke, Jas jun, wool classer Wellington Rd
Bourke, Jas, JP, woolscourer Wellington Rd
Bourke, Thomas joseph, fellmonger Wellington Rd
Boyd, John Jas, bldg contrctr Evan's Bay Rd
Bradbury, Wm, carter  
Braddock, Fredk, salesman Wellington Rd
Brannigan, Wm J, plumber Moxham Ave
*Brooker, John Hamilton Rd
Brown, Arthur Henry Geo, jymn basketmkr Waitora Rd
Browne, Chas Townley, JP Overton Tce
Buckmaster, Arthur, jymn painter Hamilton Rd
Cameron, Ernest, jymn blacksmith Wellington Rd
Cameron, Frank F, bldg contrctr Wellington Rd
*Cameron, Philip N, carter Hamilton Rd
Cameron, Mrs Robt Reid, fruiterer Wellington Rd
Cameron, Robt Reid, crpntr Wellington Rd
Cate, John, labr Charles St
Cauty, Jas Thos, joiner Baden Rhode
Cheyne, James, carter Moxham Ave
Claridge, Arthur George, upholsterer Moxham Ave
Claridge, Douglas, prntr's machnist Moxham Ave
Claridge, Edgar Hereford, jymn cabntmkr Moxham Ave
Clark, -, clerk Evan's Bay Rd
Coley, Robert, carter Wellington Rd
Collyer, Albert Silvanus, jymn butcher Moxham Ave
Compton, Chas Henry T, sash and door maker Overton Tce
Compton, Miss Sarah Jane Wellington Rd
Cooper, Arthur Louis, clerk William St
Cooper, Harry Hutchings, jymn plumber  
Croucher, Frank William, sawyer Hamilton Rd
Crow, Leonard, clerk Wellington Rd
*Dawson, Alfred Hataitai
Doile, Wick, crpntr Overton Tce
Drummond, John, inspctr of stock Charles St
Duncan, Thos, clerk Evan's Bay Rd
Durrant, Jas, labr Moxham Ave
Durrant, John, labr William St
Durrant, Wm Jas jun, plumber William St
Durrant, Wm Jas, jymn blacksmith William St
Eade, Fredk Norman, crpntr Evan's Bay Rd
*Easson, John, timber merchant Hamilton Rd
Ellis, Alfd, architect Overton Tce
Ellis, Peter, mech engineer Overton Tce
Fairchild, George S Evan's Bay Rd
Fear, Francis Jas Webber, engnr Smith St
Fegan, Jas, carter William St
Fenton, John, salesman Baden Rhode
Fisher, Edwd Herbert, clerk Overton Tce
Fix, John Philip, electric wireman William St
Forsyth, Wm, wood machinist Waitora Rd
Free, Walter Saml, labr Evan's Bay Rd
Gaby, Herbert John, insce agt Hamilton Rd
Gaby, Herbert, (H Gaby & co) Hamilton Rd
Gadd, Ephraim Jas, gasfitter Hamilton Rd
Goodin, Robt, storeman Wellington Rd
*Green, Mr William St
Greenfield, Wm Ernest, labr Waitora Rd
Greenfield, Wm, plasterer Moxham Ave
Griffiths, John Morris (RM Griffiths & co) Hamilton Rd
*Grigg, Alf H, accountant Hataitai
Grover, Jas Wm, labr Moxham Ave
Grover, Jas, labr Moxham Ave
Hafstron, Ernest, carter Moxham Ave
Halley, Wm, hotelkeeper Wellington Rd
Hammond, Mrs Harriet Louisa, storekeeper Hamilton Rd
Hansen, Henry F L, storekeeper Moxham Ave
Hardy, Wm Stuart, clerk Wellington Rd
Harris, John Alfred, labr Hamilton Rd
Hazelwood, Wm, jnymn shipwright William St
*Hazlewood, Thomas Walter, bookbinder Baden Rd
Headland, Chas, clerk Evan's Bay Rd
Heginbotham, Joseph Alfd, Kilbirnie Tea Gardens Evan's Bay Rd
Heginbotham, Joseph Henry, cooper Evan's Bay Rd
Howell, Richd Garrold, clerk  
Hoy, Geo, crpntr Evan's Bay Rd
Huggins, Herbert Augustus Robt, accounts clerk postal dept Hamilton Rd
Hulse, Frederick, acctnt Wellington Rd
Hurrell, Albert Ernest, crpntr Charles St
Hutchings, Walter, clerk Charles St
Irwin, Jas, clerk Hamilton Rd
*Isherwood, Alfred Hamilton Rd
Isherwood, Chas, rly clerk Hamilton Rd
Isherwood, Wm Herbert, drpr's astnt Hamilton Rd
Jeffreys, Mrs Mary Ann Charles St
Jewell, Claude L, journalist Evan's Bay Rd
Johnson, Gustavus Edwd (of Johnson and Plimmer) Evan's Bay Rd
Jorgensen, Carl Oscar, storeman Charles St
Jorgensen, Johannes Emanuel, strkpr Charles St
Jorgensen, Victor, labr Moxham Ave
Jorgensen, Albert, law clerk Charles St
Jossey, Fredk Wm, jnymn plumber William St
Keegan, Martin, storeman Hamilton Rd
Kells, Robt Jas Hamilton Rd
Kemp, John Marsh, draughtsman Wellington Rd
Kennedy, Wm, carter Evan's Bay Rd
Kershaw, Jas, storeman Baden Rhode
Kidd, Moses, bricklayer Moxham Ave
Kilbirnie Hotel, Wm Halley prop. Wellington Rd
Kinniburgh, Jas Watkin, clerk Overton Tce
Kitson, Alfred Wm, Hamilton Rd
Lake, Thos, dealer Hamilton Rd
Lamberg, Julius, laborer [60] Moxham Ave
Laurenson, Fleming, mnfctr's agent  
Le Cloux, John Stroobaut, sauce mnftr Evan's Bay Rd
Littlejohn, Henry Wilson, salesman Overton Tce
Lush, Josiah, clerk Moxham Ave
Macdonald, Alex Burgess, jymn butcher Waipapa Rd
Madden, Patrk, crpntr Evan's Bay Rd
Marlow, Fredk, jymn bootmaker Moxham Ave
Martin, Finlay Nevin, clerk Baden Rhode
Martin, Jas Alphonsus Percy, coal merchant Goa St
Martin, Mrs Elizabeth Connolly Moxham Ave
Martin, Mrs Walter Moxham Ave
*McAlley, Wm, auctioneer Hamilton Rd
McGuire, Jas, draper's assnt Waitora Rd
McKenzie, Jas Bernard, coml trvllr Waitora Rd
McLauchlan, Wm Wright (of Winton & McLauclan) Wellington Rd
McLelland, William, jymn gasffitter Baden Rhode
McLennan, Mrs Ellen Smith St
McLeod, Wm Fredk, mining engineer Evan's Bay Rd
McMahon, Frank, printer's machinist Moxham Ave
McNickle, Rev John Alex (Anglican) Moxham Ave
McPhee, Wm Donald, salesman Waitora Rd
Melville, Chas, timber merchant Evan's Bay Rd
Melvin, Robt, jymn tailor Smith St
Mills, Walter, coml trvllr Smith St
Möller, Mrs Martha Smith St
Moore, Joseph James, road contractor William St
Nan Kee, fruiterer Charles St
Nichitin, Stephen Ferdinand, jymn cbntmkr Moxham Ave
Nicholls, Jas, expressman William St
Norgrove, Leslie Arthur, clerk Baden Rhode
Norris, John, labr Wellington Rd
North, Henry, importer  
Olsen, Hans, seaman Evan's Bay Rd
Page, Thos, crpntr Evan's Bay Rd
Palmer, Herbert Stanley, gas inspctr Moxham Ave
Patton, Andrew, labr Baden Rhode
Perrin and Co (Alfd Perrin), strkeeprs Wellington Rd
Perrin, Alfred (of Perrin & Co) Wellington Rd
Pethybridge, Fredk Wm, iron worker Evan's Bay Rd
Phillips, Chas Joseph, glass cutter Evan's Bay Rd
*Pinckney, Alf Baden Rd
Porter, Milton, indent agt Wellington Rd
Powell, John, carter Nelson St
Price, Ivon, clerk Hamilton Rd
Price, James Hervey, draughtsman Hamilton Rd
Price, Mrs Margaret Charles St
Price, Richd, clerk Hamilton Rd
Price, Wm Chas, jymn painter Charles St
*Quintal, Geo Hataitai
Ridge, John, grocer Evan's Bay Rd
Ridge, Wm John, grocer's asstnt Evan's Bay Rd
Rogers, Joseph, jymn plasterer Moxham Ave
Rogers, Walter, modeller William St
Rooney, Michael, mech engnr Nelson St
Rowell, Maston, bricklyr Hamilton Rd
Rowell, Thos, poultry farmer Hamilton St
Rudd, Saml, fruiterer Evan's Bay Rd
Runnerstum, Ernest Henrick, dairy expert Hamilton Rd
Sando, Archd, foreman printer Hamilton Rd
Schofield, Joseph Thos, jymn bootmkr Charles St
Scott, Henry Jas, storeman Hamilton Rd
Scott, John Lindsay, seaman Overton Tce
Sheil, Chas Joseph, jymn plumber Wellington Rd
Shepherd, Harry Arthur, land agent Moxham Ave
Sherwood, Chas Geo, jeweller James St
Skill, Chas Wm, storeman Moxham Ave
Smith, Richd Thos, clerk Smith St
Smith, Robt Edwd, crpntr James St
Soury, Arthur, crpntr Evan's Bay Rd
St Romain, Laur Alphonse Auguste, fruit hawker Hamilton Rd
Stevens, Arthur Wm, dairyman Moxham Ave
Stewart, Mrs Charlotte Moxham Ave
Stringer, Joseph, labr Evan's Bay Rd
Taplin, Geo Thos, clerk of works Evan's Bay Rd
Taylor, David, jymn bootmaker William St
Taylor, Edwin Thos (of ET Taylor & Co) Moxham Ave
Thompson, Ellis, coml trvllr Baden Rhode
Tidman, Herbert, storeman Moxham Ave
Topp, John Betheridge, plumber Evan's Bay Rd
*Walker, H Hataitai
Waterhouse, Geo, carter Wellington Rd
Watts, Philip B, livery stable keeper Charles St
Weidner, Fredk Wm, photographer Hamilton Rd
Weine, Alfd Wm, cane worker James St
Williams, Thos Richd, crpntr William St
Worboys, Joseph Harrison, schoolmaster Hamilton Rd
Young, Mrs Alice Baden Rhode

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