Book and Articles Published

Kilbirnie School: 125 years at the heart of Hataitai
Book published 2010 by Kilbirnie School Fundraising Committee as a school fundraiser.

The Mount Victoria Tunnel opened 75 years ago
New Zealand Memories no. 62, Oct/Nov 2006, p. 29

Barnardo's Young Helpers League
New Zealand Memories no. 86, Oct/Nov 2010, p. 42

Moore Atmosphere in Lyall Bay
Describing the life and activities of Joseph James Moore who lived in Lyall Bay, Wellington from 1905 to about 1921.
The New Zealand Genealogist, Vol 34 no. 283 Sep-Oct 2003, pp. 325-327.

The Poisoning of Giovanni Scaramelli
In 1885 Joseph Moore was accused of poisoning Giovanni and Santina Scaramelli with rat poison containing arsenic.
The New Zealand Genealogist, vol 35 no. 285 Jan-Feb 2004, pp. 17-21.

Learning about School Records
Discussing School Inspectors' Returns and other school records and their use.
The New Zealand Genealogist, vol 35 no. 290 Nov-Dec 2004, pp. 427-428.

The Life and Crimes of William Barker
William Barker (1868-1946) lived in Wanganui and Blenheim.
The New Zealand Genealogist, vol 45 no. 346 Apr 2014, pp. 85-87.

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