Moxham Avenue

These names are taken from Stone's Wellington Directory 1920 (marked with S) and Wise's Directory 1920 (marked with W). Although these directories were published within a few months of each other, there is a huge variation in the names, perhaps showing what a transient population the area had. Some addresses have different street numbers in each directory. Where possible I have put in bold the probable present day street number.

Odd Numbers

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3 Hilton, Frank, pastrycookS   
3 Hilton, Mrs W 
9 Marlow, Fredk Stphn, btmkrSW  
9 Strude, Hy, labourer W 
17 Johnson, Saml P, carpenter W  
17 Marlow, Fredk J G, strmnS  
19 Loughlin/Lauchlan, Robt W, elect engnrSW  
21 Fake, Isaiah Joseph, bricklayerS  
21 Overend W 
23 Tidman, Herbert, storemanSW 
31 Sewell, Henry Jas, jymn saddler/bldrSW 
33 Durrant, Jas, engn driver/engineerSW 
39 Cooke, Norman W, acct W 
39 Jourdain, Wm Robt, civilservantS   
43 Porter, Milton Emerson, merchant (pr) (of the Porter Co)  WWises has him at 53 but I think it's a typo.
  Tapiri St crossesS   
45 Hanson, Albert, clerk W 
45 Palethorpe, Harold, artistS  
47 Adair, Jane Ruth, MrsS  
47 Cathro, MrsS  
47 Harrington, Jas J, dairyman W 
49 Loughton or Oughton, Lewis J, pastrycookSW 
55 Brown, Mrs Eliz Keay W 
55 Keay Brown, Elizbth, MrsS  
57 Dakers, Harold Penston, clkSW 
59 Smith, Wm Andrew, master marinerSW 
61 Flanagan, Chas Saml, strmnSW 
63 MacKenzie, Andrew, mgr Layland, Mackay & Co, Ltd)SW 
65 Hunter, Geo Hall, motor mechanicS  
65 Hunter, Geo, salesman W 
67   Taylor, Edwin Thos (of E T Taylor & Co) S W  
79   Craig, Mrs Annie   W  
79   Crooks, Richard, rigger S    
81   Martin, John Thos, rly postmaster S W  
83   Hyde, Edwd Geo, visiting officer Indust Schools/inspector S W  
85   Urquhart, John McKenzie, clerk/civil servant S W  
    Smith St intersects S    
89   Ashton, Chas J S    
91   Rickard, Cecil W   W  
93   Wellings, Wm Albt, rly clrk S W  
95   Cashman, Jas, foreman S    
95   Hodgkinson, Geo S, trav   W  
    Kilbirnie Public School (J H Worboys, headmaster) S W  
121 111 Perry, Edwd, tobccnst/hairdressr S W  
123 113 Page, Wm, labr/Page Wm R, stremn S W  
  117 Sowman, Cath, store   W not in Stones, but comes before Goa St. Corner store??
127 117? Robinson, Rose, Mrs, confectioner S   corner store??
    Goa St intersects S W  
  123 Eagar, Mrs Isabel   W  
135 123 Eagar, Elsie Fitzgerald, Miss S    
137 125? Lamb, Jas Chas S    
    All Saints' Church (Rev Jno Hy Sykes) S W  
    Sykes, Rev Jno Hy (Ang)   W  
149   Lindsay, Alex, storeman S    
149   Taylor, Mrs J H   W  
149A   Mallett, Mrs Annie M S W  
153   Price, Jane M, Miss S W  
159   Lee, Wm, cable splicer S    
159   Yeatts, Robt C, settler   W  
    Ngan Lee, market garden   W  
    Yee Chong, Chinese gardens S    
179   Ross, Syd Hy, clerk   W  
    Wellington Rd crosses S    

Even numbers

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2   Roche, Maurice, bootmkr S W  
4   Annand, Jas Thos, bookssllr & confctnr S    
4   Boyd, Wm, hrdrssr & tob   W  
6 Ngan Chang, fruitr
Young Fee, laundry
8 Ngan Chang, fruiterer  W  
  tramway waiting shed W 
12 Steer, Walter, boot repairerS  
12 Wilcox, Wm Jas, bootmaker W 
12A Peach, Edwd, labr W 
14 Peach, Edwd, labrS  
18 Cheeseman, James Lukin, butcherS  
20 McCall, Jas Wm, plumberSW 
22 Cheeseman, James Lukin, butcher W 
24 de St Romain Aug B, dairy W 
24   Leight, Richd John, lineman S    
24   St Romain, Laur Alphonse Auguste, dairyman S    
26   Kidd, Robt, engine driver S    
26   Leight, Richd John, lineman   W  
28   Franklyn, Evelyn May, Miss S    
30   Claridge, Arthur Geo, upholsterer S W  
32   Marshall, John Guy, cabnt mkr (of J G Marshall Ltd) S W  
34   Skill, Miss S    
34   Skill, Mrs Margt Selina   W  
36   Crooke, Richd, seaman   W  
42   Carswell, Robt Jas, clerk/stamp S W  
44   Hall, Florence, Mrs S    
44   Price, Winifred, Miss, tchr of music S W  
44   Sherley, Clyde F, dentl corps   W  
46   Chetter, Wlfrd H, carrier   W  
46   Magee, Thos Alex, driver S    
    Tapiri St intersects      
52   Hansen, Henry Fabian L, store S W  
54   Barnes, Richd Jas, clerk S W  
60   Headland & Co (C S), mtr garage   W  
60   Headland, Cyril Sylvester, motor engnr S    
62   Lamberg, Julius, carting contrctr   W  
64   Lamberg, Julius, storeman S    
64   McDonald, Louis, carpenter   W  
66   Dillon, Rose, Mrs S    
66   Dunn, Mrs Annie   W  
68   Shepherd, Harry Arthur, land agent (pr) S W  
72   O'Donnell, Percy Harold, optician (pr) S    
74   Gordon, Marquis Wm, dairy insp   W  
76   Cometti, Roland Arthur, ironmonger S    
76   Reay, Ern J, acct   W  
78   McWhannell, Peter, boilermkr (Ross, Jory & McWhannell) S W  
80   Grover, Jane, Miss S    
80   Grover, Jas Wm, labourer S W  
84   Howard, Chas, cabinetmakr S    
84   Wolfe, Nathan, tailor   W  
86   Branigan, Wm John, bldr S W  
88   Chisholm, Roy Arthur, ironmonger S    
90   Torrance, Jas, detective S    
112   Zantuck, Ethel Daisy, drsmkr   W  
  Goa St intersects   W  
120   Beadle, Fredk, mariner   W  
120   Collett, Peter, builder S    
122   Smythe, Robt Patk, clerk S    
124   Mowbray, James Bowman, pastrycook (pr) S    
124   Mowbray, Mrs J B   W  
126   Blaney, Edward S    
130148Jorgensen, Albrt Geo,clrk S W In Stones as 130; In Wises as 148
150 Jorgensen, Mrs Anneta W 
  Chinese Market Gardens W 
154 Drummond, John, settlerSW 
158   Christie, Henry Maynard, clerk S W  
160   Von Hartitzsch, Percy Otto S    
166   Jorgensen, Carl Oscar, storeman S W  
  192 Kilbirnie Police Station   W not in Stones. Appears in Wises as 192.
170 192 Price, Thos Henry, constable S W 1919 electoral roll says 192.
172 196 Kinniburgh, Percy James, warehouseman/salesman S W 1919 electoral roll gives address as 172.
    Wellington Rd crosses