Hamilton Road

These names are taken from Stone's Wellington Directory 1920 (marked with S) and Wise's Directory 1920 (marked with W). Although these directories were published within a few months of each other, there is a huge variation in the names, perhaps showing what a transient population the area had.

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2   Kitching, Wm Jos, warehouseman S    
    Drake St intersects S    
8   Packham, Eleanor Elizbth (Ellen), Mrs S W  
10   Robinson, Jas Thos, warehouseman S W  
12   Hipkins, Ralph, ins clrk   W  
16   Tait/Tate, Ross, labr S W  
    Tapiri St intersects S W  
28   Harris, John Alfd, labr/hrbr bd emp
Harris, Margaret Brown, Mrs, nurse
S W  
32   Dunn, Henry Edward, marine engnr S    
32   Dunn, Mrs Isabella   W  
34   Adams, Archd Arthur, draper's asst S    
34   Biggs, Mark, jymn painter S W  
36   Hardwick, Wm Clement, fruiterer (pr) S    
38   McComisky, Francis Joseph, accountant, Treasury Dept (pr) S W  
40   Morris, Percy Thos, winchman/mariner S W  
44   Finn, Jas Hancock, Sergt-major Defence S W  
46   Monnie, Richard John, factory mgr S    
    Smith St intersects S    
72   Worboys, Joseph Harrison, schoolmaster S W  
74   Sisson, Mrs Mary I   W  
74   Sissons, Wm Douglas, crptr S    
76   Perkins, Thos, settler S W  
78   Leckie, Alex, hotel porter S W  
80   Jones, Ada, Mrs, fruiterer
Jones, Chas John, jymn pastrycook
80   Jones, Chas, fruiterer   W  
84   Aldred, Bertram Frdk, surgeon S    
    Goa St intersects S    
    Sykes, John Henry (Rev Ang) S    
102   Eaton, Stoughton Charles, picture framer S    
102   Eaton, Stowe, pict framer   W  
104   Nation, Wm Edwd, printer   W  
106   Frasi, Percy Caspa, clerk/ PO emp S W  
108   Rawle, Sydney (Sid), detective S W  
110   Dennis, Lawrence Miller (of D & Son)
Dennis Geo (of D & Son)
Dennis & Son (Lawrence M & Geo), joiners/bldrs
S W  
114   Johns, Geo Thos, packer
Johns, Ada, Mrs, fruitr & confctnr
    Wellington Rd crosses S    


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